Microsoft Lync Optimized

Main features

• Two-line backlit LCD display

• Redial key, flash key, delete key

• Volume control

• Microphone mute key

• Headset key

• Speakerphone key

• Presence/status light

• Optimized for Microsoft® Lync Key benefi ts

Key benefits

• Familiar traditional phone that is easy to use

• Facilitates call handling from phone to PC

• Speakerphone and headset pro-vide hands-free opportunity

• Includes standard keys to control incoming calls, volume or speakerphone

• Backlit LCD display indicates user‘s online status, incoming caller ID and time

• Excellent voice quality

• Improved presence indication

• Ease of use

Unifi ed Communications (UC) aims to improve the availability of colleagues and contacts regardless of location whilst guaranteeing effective communication between them. The new snom UC600 is the Unified Communications no-frills vehicle from snom: A traditional IP desk phone especially designed for use with Microsoft® Lync.  Thanks to a comprehensive feature and function set, a wide range of business communications challenges can be overcome. Not only does the snom UC600 connect traditional phone functionality and PC communications, it also pro-vides easy plug-and-play via an integrated USB cable. The snom UC600 is fully optimized for Microsoft® Lync and immediately adopts the registration information of the Microsoft® Lync Communicator.  The snom UC600 includes the entire range of user-friendly business features and functions and is equipped with a two-line backlit LCD display indicating your online status, incoming  caller ID and time. Alongside a sophisticated presence status light for effectively directing calls, the snom UC600 also offers a series of convenient keys to control calls, such as redial, flash and delete buttons, a speakerphone and headset button, volume control and a microphone mute button.  Clear, high definition wideband audio provides premium audio telephony  whilst eliminating background noise  and echoes and delivering excellent  voice quality. The speakerphone and headset offer a convenient hands-free opportunity for effectively carrying out  your offi ce work. By implementing the  snom  UC600, you will streamline your enterprise’s communications and increase productivity.


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